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Evaluation of the Shiptour "Ship It Back" , Philippines 2019




Welcome to the Evaluation of the Ship It Back Shiptour in the Philippines! Similar to how you received the Rainbow Warrior last March 2019, we hope you will also warmly receive this invitation for an initial conversation (yeah, in a survey form though) to recollect, reflect on how well we executed the ship tour and harvest our lessons/insights to guide and advise our future ship tour work.


To jumpstart your recollection, the Rainbow Warrior arrived on Feb 28th in Manila, spent a few days in Manila on Open Boat days, delivered an NVDA in Manila Bay, proceeded to conduct underwater documentation around Verde Island passage and lastly stopped at Cebu for signing of plastic free Cebu declaration, green-fair, donor dinner, open boat and school engagements before leaving the Philippines on March 18th. 





Hope you take some time to fill out the survey form, as a way of thanking yourself and colleagues for your respective contributions to the success of the ship tour. After all your survey results are in, we plan to run some interviews and focus group discussions with some of you.



Thanks in advance for your input on this!



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